Hello, and thanks for stopping in. Some years ago I came across a stunner of a Holocaust story that given its importance I discovered to my surprise had never been treated at book length.

Determined to be the first to do so, I wrote The Trumpets of Jericho: A Novel, 551 pages of exhaustively researched historical fiction dramatizing the defiant 1944 Jewish uprising at the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, and  its just as heroic aftermath.

For a brief excerpt, click here.

Acclaim for Trumpets is growing (see Reviews). It is currently for sale in the following brick-and-mortars:  In Austin, the inimitable Bookpeople; in San Antonio, the chic Twig; in Houston, the classy River Oaks, the Blue Willow, the landmark Brazos, and the gift shop of the Holocaust Museum Houston. More on the way!

Also available digitally on Amazon (KDP Select), and in print at Bookbaby’s BookShop, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore. Or Buy directly from me (print only) through Paypal for a nice discount, a personalized autographed copy, free shipping, and more.


“As moving as Schindler’s List, horrific as Son of Saul, heroic as The Grey Zone . . . an adventure destined itself for the silver screen.”  – – Raja Rao Literary Endowment

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