Hello, and thanks for stopping in. Some years ago I came across a stunner of a Holocaust story that given its importance I discovered to my surprise had never been treated at book length.

Determined to be the first to do so, I wrote The Trumpets of Jericho: A Novel, 551 pages of exhaustively researched historical fiction dramatizing the defiant 1944 Jewish uprising at the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, and  its just as heroic aftermath.

For a brief excerpt, click here.

Acclaim for Trumpets is growing (see Reviews). It is currently for sale in the following brick-and-mortars:  In Austin, the inimitable Bookpeople; in San Antonio, the chic Twig; in Houston, the gift shop of the Holocaust Museum Houston. More on the way!

Also available digitally at www.amazon.com/dp/b07yfklvxh and in print at Bookbaby’s BookShop.  Or Buy directly from me (print only) through Paypal for a generous discount, a personalized autographed copy, FREE shipping, and more.


“As moving as Schindler’s List, horrific as Son of Saul, heroic as Defiance . . . an adventure of a book destined itself for the silver screen.”  – – Raja Rao Literary Endowment

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