At the age of twelve, Dolan read the iconic I Cannot Forgive by Rudolf Vrba, and has been a dedicated student of the Holocaust since. For reasons that elude him today, though, he never thought of writing about it.

A wanderer in his youth, he has lived in a lot of places, some of them exotic, where he combined the education only travel can give with that of the written word to produce a variety of short stories and articles.

Upon revisiting a piece of history he’d all but forgotten, however, and finding to his surprise it still lacked the book it deserved, he decided to write that book. The result is his remarkable The Trumpets of Jericho: A Novel. In its pages you’ll find both heroes and villains you never knew existed but won’t soon forget.

At present Dolan lives outside of Austin, Texas to be near his family and because it’s a mecca of a city for the freethinking young—or in his case, he says, the young at heart. Taking a break from the horrors of the Holocaust but not the fertile ground of Jewish history, he is currently researching a novel set in the Roman-occupied Palestine of the 1st century A.D.

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