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The Trumpets of Jericho is a long journey of a book, but Dolan deftly uses narrative, dialogue, and the setting of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz in all its horrific detail to hasten the reader to its unexpectedly upbeat conclusion. Powerful… inspiring… pain-stakingly researched. An emotional roller coaster of a novel… Strongly recommended for those seeking to understand the extremes of good and evil mankind is heir to.”
Blue Ink Review

“Imagine the Marquis de Sade writing in collaboration with Leon Uris and you have The Trumpets of Jericho. Nightmarish yet moving, it makes the heart weep and sing all at once.”
Rochester, New York Center for the Holocaust

“The author’s attention to detail, diligence of research, and powerful character portrayals make this first-ever book on the heroic 1944 Jewish uprising at Birkenau a riveting read for not only experts on the Holocaust, but those new to it.”
Education Committee, San Antonio Holocaust Museum

“Complex… compelling… chilling. Though a sweeping epic of a novel told in multiple points of view, it never stumbles when it comes to juggling the diverse thoughts and actions of its many characters. Trumpets is a significant book in that… it is the first to make pertinent a little-known but crucial act of rebellion at Auschwitz. For that alone, it is a valuable contribution to not only the literature of the Holocaust, but historical fiction in general.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Thank you, Mr. Dolan, for bringing so many heroes to life. I’ve tried to read as much as I can over the years about the Sonderkommando, but to feel as one does in this book that one is THERE in Auschwitz with them, standing in their shoes—inside their skin—is another feeling altogether. And to share the stories of all the characters, those who survived and who didn’t, to see their desperation, their bravery, for it to be written so realistically without a hint of fakeness… well, this is truly a special, special novel.”
Co-admin of the Facebook group “Holocaust Social Archives”

“An emotional and historical tsunami of a novel seamlessly written by a brilliant author to give forgotten heroes a voice. Make no mistake: Dolan is the next Uris!”
Raja-Rao Literary Endowment

“My favorite historical novel of any stripe, ever. A timeless work of art in every way, from research to layout to plot to characterization. I can envision The Trumpets of Jericho still alive and kicking after most of us aren’t.”
–Admin of the Facebook group “Auschwitz Calendar & Compendium”

 “Though Trumpets lays bare the evil that can reside in people’s hearts, it is also a story of endurance, friendship, even love, and of a quest for dignity in the most degrading of environments. Intensively researched but heavy on emotion… psychologically gripping …. a powerful reliving of the pain and nobility of the Jewish soul. Dolan’s writing is crisp, captivating, and difficult to stop reading even when it blurs the eyes with tears.”
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