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Historical fiction, softcover, 551 pages (incl. front and back matter), 19.75 (after discount)

ISBN   9780998700878 (print), ISBN 9780998700823 (eBook)

See back cover for what I wrote. Why I wrote it was to shine a light on heroes unknown to all but a few, so that the many might take inspiration from their deeds. For an excerpt, click here. For even more details, go to my Facebook Fan Page.

Speak, Lazarus is the working title of my next novel, with he of resurrection legend its narrator. In it I’ll be spanning the known world from ancient Rome to the desert caravan city of Petra, the three years of Christ’s ministry, and the life and death(s) of an intriguing man history has left unexamined. It will be controversial (my literary hero is Gore Vidal), but with the research to back it up.

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“The further back you can look, the further ahead you are likely to see.” — Winston Churchill

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