“A well-deserved 5 stars for this author. This was one tough book to read, but not due to Dolan’s writing, which was incredibly insightful and descriptive. It was tough because Dolan gets into your soul, takes you by the elbow and leads you through the nightmare that was Auschwitz without letting you avert your eyes…. Far from all bleak, though, it is also a book about hope, showing the heights ordinary men and women are capable of reaching in the face of the worst evil imaginable. A veritable honor to have read.”

“The tragedy and sheer volume of horror that was the Holocaust is here in this novel. Having read other books and seen movies about the Nazi extermination of the Jews, I was still unprepared for The Trumpets of Jericho. Not only is it a remarkably researched piece of history, but the way J. Michael Dolan brings its real-life characters to life with their words and personal stories will make your heart both soar and break… You owe it to yourself to read something substantial. Make it this book.”

“Very compelling, this book touched me on many different levels. I can’t remember any book that kept me glued to the page as much as The Trumpets of Jericho…. WOW!”

“Simply stated, this book was amazing. The author paints an uncannily vivid picture of this dark chapter in history. I was truly horrified by some of the things I read in this book, which left me at times stunned with incredulity… It is also apparent Dolan did his homework. His writing is so richly detailed, there are moments when you feel as if you’re there in Auschwitz, that awful place… Without an exaggeration of any kind, I can see this story someday being an Academy Award-winning film. Kudos to you, Mr. Dolan, for writing such an amazing story.”

“This book is very well-written, but a bit too much for me. Some of its imagery has honestly given me nightmares. I can see how it was necessary for Dolan not to gloss over the horrors of a hell like Auschwitz, but I just can’t bring myself to finish it. Honestly, not doing so is a shame, for it is more than just a fine piece of writing, it is literature.”

“Mesmerizing! The Trumpets of Jericho is the kind of book it is hard to put down even to do necessary chores. It is a big book, 500+ pages, but I read it in five days, and will read it again. There is so much to it, you almost have to read it twice. And that will be no chore at all.”

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